TWISTEDentertainment was founded in Chicago, Illinois by Jose Tupacyupanqui in 1989. I grew up in the LOGAN SQUARE area in the city of Chicago. I started doing parties in high school and it just continued on. Working with China Club and The Riviera Niteclub, we were the number one clubs in Chicago.  I also had a chance to work with great promoters such as Tony Btoy Productions and I learned a lot and learned how to throw great parties. I have had a chance to party and work with some great athletes and some famous bands.
We moved to Houston, Texas in 1999. The first venue we had was the Amazon Grill, from there we moved to SPY, The Mercury Room, Crystals, Viva Latino, 511, & Home Plate Bar & Grill. We have thrown social mixers, happy hours, customer appreciation parties, networking socials, club like atmosphere, greet & meets, we have done it all! 
We currently work with  The BALCONY Bar, & Home Plate Bar & Grill. We have Sundays at Home Plate Bar & Grill and  The BALCONY Bar during the ASTROS baseball season.
Need a DJ, need help coordinating an event? Let us know, we have references and we have a great reputation for putting on GREAT EVENTS...... We have done weddings, birthhday parties, corporate events, etc.  There is no job we cannot do.